How artificial flowers are made

Artificial flower designers base their designs on nature. Of course, they want to replicate how the leaves, petals, stems and fruits look like and they want it to look real and natural. There are many types of materials you can use in making fake flowers such as latex, paper, satin, silk, rubber, plastic, rayon or polyester.

The materials used depends on the size and type of flower. For huge flower arrangements, satin is highly recommended. The most common type of artificial flower to be found in department stores is made of silk. Silk flowers look sophisticated and resemble real botanicals. This is also used to make bridal bouquets and can be mixed with natural flowers.

They use dye to color the petals and leaves. In order to copy the exact hues and tints, they have to get a real flower and cut it into pieces to observe the pigments on each and every petal because it can differ from another. They use fine paintbrushes and cotton balls or soft sponge to perfect the colors of the petals. They have to be very keen to details and must concentrate well because it is not easy to make.

For the other parts like stem, a thin wire is used to attach the flower and leaves together into it. Some skilled workers who create faux flowers use glue or self-adhesive paper to cover the wires. All the parts are assembled individually to make sure that it will turn out perfectly.

Nowadays, the use special machines to make the faux botanicals look more real and durable. They have a new process to stick the flowers to stem easily and more hardwearing product and it is called permastem. Because of technology, artificial flowers look and feel so natural that you have to doubt if it is real or not.

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