How to make a fake flower look real

Pretty flower arrangements are really expensive and not everyone can afford to buy for their homes as interior décor but, if you are into flowers and you want to beautify your haven with it why not use faux botanicals aka fake flowers instead. So, here is some tips on how to make the fake look real:

  • Choose natural colors – You may be attracted with the vibrant colors of some flowers from the local department store but you must keep in mind that in order to make the fake botanicals look natural, you must choose carefully. Compare the real ones to the artificial displays. Also, avoid too shiny leaves and petals made of plastic or any synthetic material that is why silk is the most used unreal flower because it is the closest thing to the natural flowers.
  • Keep it clean – real flowers do not accumulate dust so you better keep those faux flowers spotlessly clean. That is the advantage of artificial plants, you can simply wash off the dirt or wipe it with a clean cloth as much as you want to.
  • Make it realistic – if you are going to use a clear vase and you do not want to put water in it, why don’t you put rocks, sand or fake moss to make it look fresh and natural? These are better than water because you do not have to change or clean it once in a while and no insects will inhabit there unlike in stagnant waters.
  • Don’t get the plastics – as much as possible choose other materials like silk, satin and polyester fabric because plastic flowers look cheap and unnatural. People can notice plastics right away not like the other materials mentioned that can almost imitate the color, bloom and texture of a real one.

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