Mixing artificial and natural flowers

Can you mix artificial flowers with the real ones? Why not? Nowadays, there are so many new tricks and styles when it comes to flower arrangement. Real flower bouquet can cost you a lot especially if you choose the rare to find or seasonal blooming flowers.

For some brides, they choose imitation flowers for their bouquets and the material used is usually silk and not plastic so it looks natural and soft. But, if you want bigger flowers for venue display or along aisle, you can use both artificial and fresh flowers.

This trick can make the vase, basket or even bouquet fuller. You can choose real and pretty flowers to be placed on top then make the artificial ones as fillers. It can look pretty as all-natural flowers and you can maintain it easier especially if it requires long distance travel.

Mixing imitation and natural flowers is a good option especially if you are on a tight budget and you do not want to splurge on expensive bouquets and flower displays. As a matter of fact, this is quite a trend in so many countries. They even do it on cakes and pastry decors, photo shoots and can also be given as a present especially those silk flowers that look real and fresh. By the way, artificial flowers are also available with scent.

You can choose high-quality botanicals from a lot of florists and flower suppliers online if you cannot find one near your area. They deliver arranged flowers for any occasion as long your place is accessible or within the vicinity. Mixing artificial and real flowers should be considered by everyone in order to save money and also preserve our nature. It is perfect for bridal bouquets, interior decors, special occasion presents and many more.



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